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Credit, who needs it? Oh If only you knew.

Lately I have begun to realize how much I miss the intensity of some of the photo shoots I did for a variety of cause marketing campaigns.

I respect the fact that these men and women laid it all on the line, their privacy, their emotions and their souls, for everyone to see and for that I

give them all of the credit.  The work was not about a photo credit anyway but rather  it was about all of our efforts combined to attempt

to do everything in our very limited power to inspire behavior change and for all of their efforts they are my heroes.  They deserved the credit.


A little positive in a time of negative.

We are bombarded with the negative, whether by pundits criticizing a bombastic politician or by a hailstorm of news coming from every conceivable

angle and literally every second of each day.  I have been accused of dwelling on the negative at times but I prefer to attempt to find a balance.  I am

fortunate enough at this moment in time to have the opportunity to enjoy beauty around each and every corner and while  I do not choose to capture

images of  natures’ beauty often, as I would rather immerse myself fully in the experience when it presents itself, the fact is now and again

I cannot resist.

It’s about time I did something for myself and I’m feelin’ pretty good.

Last week, amidst the turmoil that is my existence, I hunkered down and proceeded to apply for the Pirkle Jones Foundation Visual Artists’ Support Program Grant.

I spent quite some time in the area of non-profit advertising and am now making an effort to launch Buzz Photo Booths in an effort to put food on my table,

a roof over my head and ultimately to get back to my passion of trying to make meaningful imagery with a camera,

by respecting my subjects and submerging myself in their plight, to some small degree, in an attempt to capture their truth.

What follows is a cursory glance at some of my previous efforts…


Here is a snippet from Pirkle Jones California Photographs review on Amazon

“Look into your past at the visual work made by those who saw the potential of vision and worked in their medium because of an all consumming love and passion

for their subjects and the simple yet unsurpassed materials they used and not for a calculating plan to make work mainly for the purpose of fame or fortune


What you desire WILL come to you, if you have anything to say.”  

You have to believe and as far as I am concerned I am a champion for making the effort.

The grant will go where it belongs.  The victory is in the process.