Financial planners, GPS, La La Land, cold brew and the accuracy of just about any missile launched by the United States all could be considered a bit dodgy and by many a tad overrated. One activity that has no place in this category is a heavy dose of shuteye, most commonly prescribed in eight hour increments. We now live in an age where getting the requisite amount of downtime is becoming more challenging for the average Jane and Joe. Whether strapped for cash and forced to work multiple jobs or strung out in a technological time sucking void too many of us seem to be deficient in this acutely important area of self care.

Yes I am not immune to these temptations as evidenced by the fact that these paragraphs are being dictated at 2 AM just a day removed from pulling an all nighter in an effort to re-launch a modern self indulgence, my long dormant web presence. Thus I am left with a twofold question. On the one hand it troubles me that this has taken so long, having futilely held onto my URL for upwards of a decade. Shortly after my banishment from the world of cause marketing I aborted this venture and preceded to drift further from my passions. Why did I let go of something that brought me such a satisfying feeling of self worth? Now, as I prepare to merge onto this path, I am beginning to wonder what of value I might be able to impart? I hope that this effort will snowball and I can offer something to someone along the way and even if I am only moderately successful, at a minimum, I will have the knowledge that at least I made an effort. 

But before I can be of use to anyone I must re-commit to the pillow, the blanket and a long overdue reunion with my circadian rhythms. Sleep will fuel this endeavour and for that reason I can firmly say that a good eight hours is far, far from overrated.