School dances, Safe and Sober nights, proms, and all forms of end of year graduation parties make this a hectic time at Buzz Photo Booths. Not only does business start to perk up but most schools in the know are inquiring about our generous non-profit discounts. We have to admit to possessing a soft spot for education and educators as they already have enough of a battle trying to maintain order in their overtaxed classrooms. Evidence of our commitment to education is in our Gallery section where you can see thousands of students letting it all hang out and making images that are truly memorable.

We must say student events push the limits of our capabilities, especially in the patience department, but we think our experience with this clientele works for us. These events usually require all hands on deck. This means a extra photo attendant as well as assistance from a few parent volunteers to keep the kids in order because they have a tendency to wreak havoc at the booth by getting worked up and fueled with sugar. Couple this with the extra deep discount and you get a photo booth deal that shames that of the Groupons and Living Socials of the world. Sure we leave these events beaten and battered but we also depart knowing that we have provided schools with the opportunity to give the kids the very best quality imagery at an very affordable rate and these memories will last a lifetime.

We are proud of the work we do for schools and always try our best to vet the applicants in order to make sure that schools in need are the ones getting the discounts. Unfortunately every now and then customers try to fool us in an effort to get the non-profit / school rate like the folks above trying to play it off as high school graduates. We could come down hard on these types of scammers but we figure that if they had the cajones to try to pull off this feat in a way they almost deserve the discount.

Enjoy the summer. Kids.